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Is Your Top Leadership Team healthy and aligned?

Do you have the right people, in the right place?

Do they have clear accountabilities and metrics?

Can you state your firm’s strategy simply? Is it driving sustainable growth?

Are your processes running smoothly and driving profitability?


These are not easy questions to answer but they are essential to your organization’s ongoing success.

If you’re like many and feeling dissatisfied with your answers or completely stuck; or simply tired and discouraged in your leadership role; we can help!

Bridging Associates provides senior executives, and their leadership teams, with a unique combination of techniques and tools for creating a stronger business foundation and greater organizational alignment for sustainable growth.


We focus on three areas to create results:

1Organizational Team Development: Engagement, Alignment, and High Performance: Focus is on our Essential Tripod tool, and our Four Meeting Methodology for mastering Collaboration, Accountability and Solution Focus.


2Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up: The Rockefeller Four Decisions: We’re certified by Gazelles Int’l to share this proven modality with focus on the Four “key” Decision Areas: People; Strategy; Execution; Cash.


3Master Business Acceleration Network (MBAN): A peer group focused on implementing The Scaling Up: The Rockefeller Four Decisions Methodology and sharing challenges and successes in confidential environment.


Our customizable solutions utilize one or more of these areas of focus depending on your needs. Be sure to visit our Solutions Page for more detailed information and Contact Us today to set up a short consultation.

Patricia Heyman, MSW, LCSW, CEC

scaling up workshop 4February 22, 2018, Orange County, CA


Organizational Team Development: Engagement, Alignment, High Performance

Our Team Leadership Coaching is focused on top executives and senior leaders to increase personal effectiveness within their leadership team and with the teams that they lead…more

Scaling Up: The Rockefeller Four Decisions Methodology

Senior Leaders develop a clearer vision for communication and strategic planning, and we help them create greater personal effectiveness through awareness about how others experience them.  Through this process they learn to create essential connections, master the art of setting priorities, and learn to focus time and energy for completing them. Senior Leaders learn to foster greater accountability from their team leaders and team, while remaining strategic through effective delegation and trust building….more

Master Business Acceleration Network

A Network of CEO’s and their teams with bi -monthly day long meetings with non-competitive businesses to learn and to use Rockefeller Four Decisions tools for Scaling Up Growth with sustainable results…more