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Client References for Coaching and Team Alignment Coaching


“360 Leadership Evaluation Program- the quality of the work done in this specific area centers around the key concept of Patricia’s ability to gain buy-in from key leaders to the concept of “Embrace Your Leadership”. Through intensive coaching that was based in practical application, focused on how self development can enhance an individual’s performance AND enhance the results of the business, Patricia laid the ground work for a transformation of our culture to be truly focused on measurable results, key performance, accountability and credibility.

Curriculum Design and Development- the return on investment in this specific area  of the contract was of course the foundation for how we as an organization function as leaders and ultimately run our business. Patricia’s unique ability to quickly understand our business model and the “quirks” of the working organization from organizational behavior to process efficiencies allowed her to build and implement curriculum design that transformed senior managers to better understand the role we play in setting the Vision and Strategy. To ensure success, we infused into the culture the elements of emotional intelligence within the competencies of leaders. Another key milestone was the roadmap we were able to build that brought together Talent Management as Patricia taught us as leaders not only the significance of learning, training and performance management, yet provided sound strategies to implement.

Leadership Team Alignment- as strange as it may sound here Patricia guided the leaders to “grow up”, The Company was at a growth point with aggressive goals and a sound business model and yet the leadership team was actually a hindrance.   Patricia guided us to accept this knowledge and more significantly create a cure plan.  We began to change the elements that were holding us back from how we communicated with one another and the content of our leadership meetings to how we behaved as leaders collectively guiding the organization to achieve strategic goals.”

Karen Wall, Senior Vice President—Corporate Infrastructure, Akibia, Inc.


“I want to let you know how much we have appreciated working with Bridging Associates and you over the last year. It was about a year ago that we crossed paths when I expressed our desire to build our leadership capabilities for the future. Your one-day meeting with our officer’s opened their eyes to expanding their comfort zone and enhanced the group’s interactions a great deal. The coaching and candid discussions held with numerous key managers including our CEO and myself have been very beneficial. Personally, I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and the results my actions can have on the dynamics of our culture and workplace. I have seen day to day benefits in my interactions with other bank managers including much better levels of communication, enhanced engagement of key leaders, and an improved focus on the organizational goals and the contribution each leader can make in achieving success for our organization. Following-up the coaching with a 360 degree performance assessment was not only enlightening but has provided all of us with a roadmap for improvement that not only benefits individuals but ultimately will make us a stronger organization for many years to come. I want to thank you for the comfortable and professional approach you used in enhancing our bank leadership. I know we have made remarkable progress and continue to do so each day that we employ what we have learned.”

Steve W. Wells, President, Los Alamos National Bank


“Patricia provided an excellent coaching and development program which I feel was very beneficial.   Time management, delegation, and leadership. (Overall rating 10 of 10). Patricia provided excellent feedback and suggestions related to the 360 process.  I use this  feedback every day. She also helped me realize various issues related to management and personal and team development.”

Dickson Woodward,  Market President, South Financial Group/Carolina First Bank


“As I write this letter I realize it is easier and more enjoyable than it would have been a year ago, prior to engaging Patricia Heyman as my professional coach. I am more focused and more appreciative of my accomplishments. Prior to working with Patricia Heyman, 1 was feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks I had to accomplish and all the balls I had to juggle in both my personnel and professional life. Patricia Heyman has helped me to appreciate and enjoy how effective and productive I am, the extent of my accomplishments, and the overall quality of my performance. Her coaching has helped me to appreciate and enjoy my successes. Working with Patricia Heyman helped me realize that juggling so many balls negatively impacted my ability to focus and the quality of my performance. We were quickly able to identify behaviors that were keeping me from experiencing my full potential. She provided tips to let go of some habits that were no longer effective and tips to replace them with habits that were. It quickly became clear that to be more effective I needed to reduce distractions and be more focused. Working with Patricia I have become more focused on what matters and have let loose of many things that don’t have that level of importance. I’ve improved my productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and visibility with colleges and superiors. Patricia’s coaching has helped me to recognize that the main thing for me is to focus on what matters. Her coaching has also helped me to “keep the main thing the main thing.” I appreciate the job she has done and recommend her coaching.”

Timothy 0 Doyle, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Los Alamos National Bank


“Patricia did a great job to learn more about my job and company and gave great feedback and advice on how to work on my strengths and weaknesses from the 360 survey. Leadership Team Alignment – Goal to get more exposure with executives in the corporation. Patricia gave great counseling on how to manage my projects and meetings with executives. She gave great advice and had great insight on how to navigate through the different layers within my company anal how to stay focused managing my responsibilities and staff.”

Martha Torres-Morgan, Director Brand Rx Product Management, McKesson