Welcome to Bridging Associates

Patricia has been speaking and facilitating groups of people in many parts of the US and the world for 25 years.

Keynotes and Experiential Workshops

  • Revolutionary Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Managing from the Inside Out
  • Becoming a More Effective Top Executive
  • Collaboration vs. Competition
  • Communication for Transforming Leadership Teams
  • How to Discover and use your Dynamic Leadership
  • How to have an important conversation and achieve the results you want:
  • Specific parts of speech and how to use them
  • Hints for greater Productivity Using Technology

You can expect to leave a meeting with Patricia with solutions that will move you to greater communication and connection with your colleagues with:

  • Greater Trust
  • Using Conflict for Innovation and Discovery
  • Fostering Greater Accountability rather than Placing Blame
  • Achieving Results

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