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Organizational Team Development: Engagement, Alignment, and High Performance

Our Team Leadership Coaching is focused on top executives and senior leaders to increase personal effectiveness within their leadership team and with the teams that they lead.

Through the use of our essential tripod made up of: communication, accountability, and a solution focus, we build and develop high performing teams that interact regularly, trust each other, and have the ability to be creative and innovative.

To succeed in today’s competitive and shifting business environment, organizations and leadership must create a culture of engagement and team alignment in order to drive higher performance.

At Bridging Associates we believe team health is the essential ingredient every organization must have and make their top priority. Team health cascades from the top down. We work with individual executives, executive teams, and their teams, helping them master their roles, collaborative communications skills and leadership qualities. We believe every person in an organization is a leader within their role.
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The Rockefeller Four Decisions Methodology

We offer, with much enthusiasm, the Rockefeller Four Decisions Methodology as part of our team performance tool kit. The Four Decisions are related to the Rockefeller Habits that were delineated first by Verne Harnish, and expanded upon in his book Scaling Up.

We’ve used this methodology successfully from medium-sized businesses to large Fortune 100 companies, helping leaders globally master the Four Decisions to create more profits, greater team engagement and customer loyalty.
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Master Business Acceleration Network (MBAN)

An effective way to master the Scaling Up: Rockefeller Four Decisions methodology is to join Master Business Acceleration Network (MBAN), a Leadership Development Peer Group that is like no other!

The MBAN is a collaborative networking experience where business leaders, and their teams, meet on a regular basis, and guided by Gazelle’s International Certified Coaches, Patricia Heyman and Bahaa Moukadam, help each other apply and master the Scaling- Up Methodology. This safe, private forum strengthens each member’s, and their teams’, ability to create strategic, profitable initiatives for their organization, and to execute those initiatives in a timely manner.
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