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To succeed in today’s competitive and shifting business environment, organizations and leadership must create a culture of engagement and team alignment in order to drive higher performance.


At Bridging Associates we believe team health is the essential ingredient every organization must have and make their top priority. Team health cascades from the top down. We work with individual executives, executive teams, and their teams, helping them master their roles, collaborative communications skills and leadership qualities. We believe every person in an organization is a leader within their role.


Our methodology involves mastering what we call the Essential Tripod: Communication; Accountability; and Solution Focus. These basic foundational abilities, when applied regularly, help build trust and create a safe environment that encourages teams to be creative and innovative.


We address the Communication piece first in the tripod as that is often the most neglected in business development and team meetings.


Our Four Meeting Model methodology is one of our most popular tools used in helping creating healthy, aligned, high-performing teams. It is a series of meetings designed both for new, as well as current teams, in order to create ongoing, sustainable, engaged and effective connection. This regular collaboration fosters greater understanding and trust, more willingness to connect, renewed commitment to group goals and more awareness of organizational results.


Enhanced communication, as outlined above, creates Accountability among team members. They become partners, gladly sharing in wins and challenges. Competition becomes outdated when the “team” becomes the priority. As team collaboration increases, so does the organization’s overall success rate!


Solution Focus is the last part of our Essential Tripod and the biggest piece in high-performance and engagement. When teams avoid placing blame and focus on the solution they are in the mindset of staying current and planning for the future. How to develop a more effective process becomes obvious when the solution is determined and team members are in learning mode!


Contact us today to learn how our Essential Tripod methodology can help your teams align and engage into better health and higher performance.


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