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We offer, with much enthusiasm, the Rockefeller Four Decisions Methodology as part of our team performance tool kit. The Four Decisions are related to the Rockefeller Habits that were delineated first by Verne Harnish, and expanded upon in his book, Scaling Up; How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t.


We’ve used this methodology successfully from medium-sized businesses to large Fortune 100 companies, helping leaders globally master the Four Decisions to create more profits, greater team engagement and customer loyalty.


People Decision: Your highest priority is a healthy top leadership team. We’ll help you determine who the right people are, for the right roles, and make sure they’re all doing the right things. You’ll learn the secrets to hiring and keeping A players – who is best – and how to coach those with potential to perform at a higher level.

Strategy Decision: Your company strategy is your north star for moving forward with all initiatives. We help you, and your teams, designate your purpose and core values as a business, as well as your long term vision for the company.. As the team works on strategy as a way of thinking then the yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals can be aligned.

Execution Decision: Execution is often seen as the greatest challenge to success. The Rockefeller approach to execution makes it achievable with specific, practical actions you can take for each initiative. We’ll help you establish Priorities, Metrics and Meeting Rhythms to ensure goals and initiatives become accomplishments.

Cash Decision: Allowing your team to look at your cash positon helps them to relate performance and team collaboration to the revenue and profit of the organization. It gives them the opportunity to be more aware of, and participatory, in the bottom-line results.


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